Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A World of Tastes: WIC Calendar 2013

OMG. This is some healthy. tasty. nutritious-food-geek stuff! A CALENDAR, with cool printed layout to boot. Just peeped the 2013 WIC Calendar 'A world of tastes...on MyPlate'. And I'm too juiced, makes me inspired to cook. For each month they feature a Plate inspired by different geographical regions on the continent. The only thing that I can hate about this is that they don't have more menus/plates. At least one per week would have been cool (hehe). But that's fine, because that's what we get to do here at GrubAPlate... create some together. With the WIC calendar you get 12 yummy looking recipes... I can't wait to make them and share them with other grubbers. I can't find good images on the internet to share, but I will keep searching. Maybe I'll be able to post some scans or pictures from Plates that I make.

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