Saturday, November 3, 2012

Discovery: Will the Real Yams please stand up?!

"I'm going to take this back and show people what a real yam is. Sweet potatoes are NOT yams!"- a friend

Yeah, these are yams. This picture captures one of my favorite places to be. The Backyard of my Grandpa's village home. The Oba is where Yams are stored.

"Yam is a versatile vegetable. It can be barbecued; roasted; fried; grilled; boiled; baked; smoked and when grated it is processed into a dessert recipe. Yams are the staple crop of the Igbo people of Nigeria, in their language it is known as ji, and they commemorate it by having yam festivals known as Iri-ji or Iwa-Ji depending on the dialect." -From Wikipedia, Read More

If you are not in Nigeria (or other local sources), you may find Yams at an African/Caribbean Food store. I'll be posting a plate featuring a yam dish soon. I can't wait!

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