Submit Your Plate

Interested in grubbing it up?
There are a few ways to participate.
SUBMIT a 'Plate' (using the form below copy & paste back completed into a comment box of a recent post on this blog). Recipes & Photos not required but are GREAT, and they don't have to be fancy, perfectly-modeled SLR shots.

Is it Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?
  • 1/4 lean protein: _______________________
  • 1/4 healthy carbs: _______________________
  • 1/4 low-carb cooked or fresh veggies: _______________________
  • 1/4 fresh vegetables: _______________________
Certain dishes such as soups, wraps and salads can also be 'plate' worthy if they include a combo of two or more 'sections' of the plate.

Keep in mind that ideally meals should be:
  • Healthy + Nutritional (Avoid/Minimal deep fried, refined & highly processed)
  •  Easy + Accessible (Consider foods that can be made in reasonable amounts of time, with ingredients that can be found easily) 
  •  Tasty + Edible (please!)

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SEND in RECIPES for one or more the dishes 
(feel free to include vegan, veggie or meat-lover variations). Recipes do not have to be original (or for a Plate that you submitted) you can include credited recipes from other people & books and links to online sources.
  • Take it a step further and include TAGS about special diets, allergies, or cultural info (e.g. diabetic, gluten-free, halal)
  • If you know how include HOW to obtain 'special' ingredients (where to shop, how to grow, how to make)

  • Theme Nights: create themes to inspire variety & excitement in meals (Indian, Game Night, Out in the Woods, etc)
  • Potluck: have people bring different items from parts of the plate
  • Invite Yourself: Tell a friend or family member you would like to come over to eat
  • Cook for someone: Make a plate you think someone else would like and invite them over or make them a plate to take to eat at home or take to work.

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