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I am a health educator, youth developer, African woman, performing artist, graphic art collective co-founder, and semi-professional hater who also recently became a wife and a mother.

In the past few years food has become trendy and I'd just like to smugly say that I've been rocking food since 2000 (haha). I'm also not new to blogging; I've been pouring out my heart to the internet since Blogger, Xanga & LiveJournal were 'weetle weetle babies'. Now Food blogging! Okay that's a whole new world.

I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with food blogs (oh look fancy photos! exotic ingredients!) and the Nigerian in me can't follow a recipe to save my life, which usually means we wait for meals with breaths abated because it could be a plate of awesomeorgasmicgoodness or omgwtfisthisshit?! Most times it's the former (please ask about me, I'm known around these parts haha), and alas I do like exotic ingredients and taking pictures of my food.

There are so many theories and opinions about what we should or should not eat.  In my experience, what I eat/drink directly affects how I live, so it is important to pay attention to what I eat, and to try my best to eat 'well'.  As a mom and person who is passionate about raising healthy young people, it is even more important to me that I continually explore how to make good eating accessible, easy, and tasting good! And because I am all about doings things with other people, it seemed like a good idea to get folks who may be interested to join in. (You can stop here or keep reading as I expand).

So if I'm a food blogging hater. Why start a blog about food? Why now?

Well, this really started out as a purely selfish and personal endeavor on my part. Being recently pregnant a lot of food challenges I usually experienced got even more heightened. I needed to eat virtually all the time and be healthy about it, so that I grow a healthy baby and not-die while trying. I also lost the desire to cook, and felt like I was always eating the same thing all the time. Also the thought (and current reality) of bringing a child into this world made me want to quickly shape up into making good healthy food a second-to-nature practice.

Food is some serious stuff. And I'm a true believer of the 'you feel what you eat' school of thought. On a first-body basis: I have disappeared my seasonal allergies by eliminating added sugars & dairy for a while; I have had my fibroids shrink while pregnant because I really paid attention to what foods & natural supplements I consumed, including not eating any meat or dairy products that were not-organic. Chronic headaches and intense knee pains that I have had since I was a child went 'bye-bye' because I've made water my best friend. So yes I am a WITNESS!

As a health educator I have worked with inner-city kids and have had them assert their preference of mustard greens and kale to that of chard or collards. And then proceed to ask for more to chomp on. RAW greens! I have watched them scarf down whole-wheat pasta lasagna made with pureed carrots and fresh tomato sauce with just a teensy amount of part-skim mozarella cheese. Don't tell me kids don't like 'good' food.

As an African and child-feeder: I don't mess around with the taste of food. As a true 99-percenter: I don't have a lot of money to spend on crappy food, and even less to spend on being sick and on the pharmaceutical industry. As a person of limited time, multiple interests and persuasions: it just can't be too complicated or hard-to achieve.

This blog is a joint effort. Sometimes all you need is a list, other times you need a recipe. I hope this can be a place for my 'community' to exchange ideas on healthy food & lifestyles. Please hold your health expert questions. I am not one. And do not claim to be. I'm just trying to eat!

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