Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to 'Grub a Plate'

Okay here's the short of it:
  • A bunch of people send in menus (in form of plates*)
  • They are collected (with a collection goal of at least 70 unique menus)
  • Then put into a calendar + list + blog article
  • Shared with folks
What Else?
Well the format for submissions is inspired by the Plate Method, so you don't just submit a dish, but a balanced 'complete meal' that is:
  • Healthy + Nutritional (Avoid/minimal deep-fried, artificial & highly processed)
  • Easy + Accessible (Consider foods that can be made in reasonable amounts of time, with ingredients that can be found easily)
  • Tasty + Edible (please!)
*The 'Plate Method'?
Take your Plate. Divide it into 4. Put in:
  • 1/4 lean protein
  • 1/4 healthy carbs
  • 1/4 low-carb cooked veggies
  • 1/4 fresh vegetables

Certain dishes such as soups, wraps and salads can also be 'plate' worthy if they include a combo of two or more 'sections' of the plate.

Wanna participate?
You can:
  • Simply SUBMIT a list for a meal idea
  • Then SHARE this blog with your family & friends
  • Also include RECIPES for one or more the dishes (feel free to include vegan, veggie or meat-lover variations)
  • Take it a step further and include TAGS about special diets, allergies, or cultural info (e.g. diabetic, gluten-free, halal)
  • If you know how include HOW to obtain 'special' ingredients (where to shop, how to grow, how to make)
Imagine the possibilities
These help to create more fun around making healthy food.
  • Theme Nights: create themes to inspire variety & excitement in meals (Indian, Game Night, Out in the Woods, etc)
  • Potluck: have people bring different items from parts of the plate
  • Invite Yourself: Tell a friend or family member you would like to come over to eat
  • Cook for someone: Make a plate you think someone else would like and invite them over or make them a plate to take to eat at home or take to work.

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