Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pan-Grilled Lamb, Corn on the Cob, Yellow Green Beans, Spring Mix

>Rosemary Lamb with sauteed Onions
>Corn on the Cob
>Steamed Yellow Green Beans
>Apple slices on mixed greens

I will never be the one responsible for cooking lamb, so don't even look this way. If I don't like beef, then I hate lamb. But the other half LOVES him some gamey heavy rare lamb meat stuff *shivers*

He did learn from a Family friend's Lebanese Cookbook about the good and bad fat. When you cut off the bad then it doesn't taste bad. Either way it's intense for me, and I can only eat small, and very well cooked in fact burnt pieces. And I need some plain veggies to help balance it all out.

Oh yeah shout out to Katy of Creekside Ranch in Esparto, CA. We went in with some friends and bought this lamb directly from them.

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  1. Shout back at you for cooking it so well. Looks beautiful. And now I am hungry.


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