Saturday, October 27, 2012

Recipe: BuzzwordFood Salad

The concept of this salad makes me laugh. It comes from the 'Superfood Salad' movement. Apparently they have these at Whole Foods (I don't really shop there except for urgent situations or quick natural food finds) so I don't know. But I actually got one on a road trip back from Oregon to Oakland at a Fred Meyers. I thought 'oh what a great idea!'. I liked the salad a lot, and I've decided I will go on to make various versions and themes of superfood salads, except I will be calling them BuzzwordFood because basically it's all the trendy new foods that we are going crazy about these days. Lol!

In this Salad:
Sunflower Seeds
Cherry Tomatoes
Black Beans
Red Onions
*and in my snootiest voice* all tossed in a home-made acai berry juice dressing (acai berry juice, non-fat yogurt, olive oil, salt, black pepper).

You too can make your own BuzzwordFood salad with these or other 'superfoods'.
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