Thursday, November 1, 2012

Recipe: When I FALL in will be forever!

Let me introduce you to my 'Ode to Fall' salad. It's delicious!

Here's the story: I like Jicama and when I run into it, I remember that I like it. I had this large Jicama that I needed to use quickly because it was going to go bad soon. So I knew it would be the perfect thing to make for a brunch party where people could help me put a dent in it.
I knew I wanted it in a salad and looked online for recipes; I found one I liked but by the time I got up to start making it, I forgot what it was, and because I can't follow a recipe to save my life. I was like 'umm, how about this instead'? I had to think/work fast because, I was expecting a lot of people over any minute and was still behind. I was excited about doing something that was 'hella fall' and I liked the colors I could see it making. We had just picked up all these cool fruits and veggies from the farmer's market, so I thought how about it. The result was a winner, and I'm just saying this from all the good feedback I got that day.

Okay, so now pay attention because this is REALLY complicated.
  1. Jicama
  2. Fuyu Persimmons
  3. Pomegranate
  1. Grab Bowl
  2. Peel Jicama
  3. Shred into bowl
  4. Grab Persimmon
  5. Shred into Bowl
  6. Open/Tear Pomegranate
  7. Drop seeds into bowl
  8. Tear off mint leaves
  9. Garnish
  10. Proceed to Ravish.
Complicated. Right? Okay so it's not. I somehow suspect this will work on kids. Got kids? Try it on and let me know.

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