Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Plate: Chicken Soup, BuzzwordFood Salad, Fresh Garlic & Rosemary Toast

 >Chicken Soup with Bell peppers & Onions
> Buzzword Food Salad
> Garlic & Rosemary Toast

I was on my way to the grocery store to pick up some household staples, and see if something may inspire me for dinner, when I ran into my upstairs neighbor Emily and found out she would be making chicken soup that evening. I invited myself into her meal by offering to make a salad and 'some bread thing'. Awesome! I was glad to have someone else make a good chunk of the meal, because I had been a bit stuck. I was also excited about soup, because I kinda-sorta never like soups and just never really think to make them. Well our forces combined to make something that I was really excited about.

I have been pretty much using a lot of Rosemary to cook these days, because you know if you've ever had a rosemary plant, that baby GROWS. So I've been trying to put a dent in it (even doing things like rosemary pesto; another post on that).

How to:
>BuzzwordFood Salad? Check here to learn how I made this
>For the toast: I threw some fresh garlic cloves and some butter into a mini mortar and pounded. Spread it on whole wheat bread, sprinkled fresh rosemary on top of the bread and threw it in the broiler. Another way to make it would be to throw all the herbs and garlic in the mortar and pound with butter.
>Make your favorite chicken soup recipe, just make sure to throw in lots of veggies too, to make it a true grub-a-plate meal
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